Consultant, Advisor, Founder

for Renfaire Businesses

Drawing on decades of hands-on experience, I help festival organizers optimize their operations and create engaging environments for vendors and attendees.

Struggling to get your team aligned and communicating effectively about your shared vision for the festival

Feeling stuck in the early stages of transforming your dream into a viable, actionable business plan

Hitting roadblocks when attempting to expand your current Renaissance faire due to knowledge gaps

Grappling with industry-specific challenges that have you feeling lost and unsure of your next steps

Lacking the Renaissance fair lingo and nomenclature to convey your ideas clearly to vendors, staff, and partners

Overwhelmed by the logistics and moving pieces required to launch or grow a successful Renaissance festival

Proper planning ensures smooth logistics, engaging entertainment, and vendor offerings that

delight guests.

When done right, thoughtful Renaissance faire planning elevates the event, attracts bigger crowds year after year, and allows your business to flourish.

Meticulous Renaissance faire planning is crucial to craft an

immersive, memorable experience

that transports attendees to another era.

and I’m here to help you create exactly that

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An in-depth conversation about you and your projects, how to develop your dreams and what to do with them. Options vary from a 10 mins free consultation to a year of committed work together.

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Support from Me

For when you’d rather go on your own

A guide to the hows and whys of colors applied to buildings within Renaissance Festivals and Faires, including guidance for management, and a handout with examples.

For when you’d rather go on your own

A guide to unlock the secrets to transporting patrons to the renaissance era through purposeful design choices and historically-informed aesthetics.

If you are in the early stages and need to raise capital

Raising Capital for Small Business Owners, Creatives, and Innovative Entrepreneurs gets to be easy! Once you learn these secrets that Big Banks and Venture Capitalists don’t want you to know, you’ll be able to scale your business using other people’s money.

For when your team grows and ongoing support is needed

The Membership

The place where you and your team receive ongoing support as you grow and develop your Renaissance Fair Business.

Get insider tips and best practices in this dynamic industry

Unlock the Secrets of Thriving as a RenFaire Merchant – A comprehensive course to guide you to success at these whimsical events!

And who am I to help you

Transform Your Business?

Hi, I’m Rhonni.

Festival Expert · 7 figure Renaissance Fair Business Owner . Consultant · Advisor · Founder

My specific tool set has been hugely successful in theme parks. I’ve built and sold multiple 7-figure businesses in these venues – and each business was only open for 8 weekends per year!

Over decades of interacting with friends on business solutions for restaurants, seasonal retail, service-based businesses, and custom design-builds, I didn’t have time to build and manage all the creative businesses I’ve dreamt up while working alongside them.

Thus, an outlet for my imaginative business building expertise that also helped business owners “get unstuck” was a win-win.

I hung out a shingle to help businesses outside my existing circle be profitable as creatives in business.

Drawing on my decades of experience in the Renaissance Festival industry, I now apply my design, construction, and interpersonal skills to help other festival organizers optimize their operations and create engaging environments for vendors and attendees alike.

I made it my mission to learn from the best in the business, and eventually, arrived at the point where my reputation precedes me.

Recently I had the unique experience of being written into a documentary-style fantasy film dramatizing the real events in the Renaissance faire industry.

Seeing myself portrayed as a character and my personality woven into a fantastical narrative was both surreal and exciting.

While only a portion has been released so far, I eagerly anticipate the full docu-fantasy hitting the screen to experience how the filmmakers have fictionalized the rest of this particular tale featuring the industry that I love.

Off the screens I work closely with my clients to understand their unique challenges and craft customized solutions that bring their visions to life.

⚜️ My consulting provides the industry expertise and guidance to get your entire team operating from the same playbook.

Together, we’ll develop a clear, actionable plan to transform your vision into a thriving Renaissance festival business. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand, I offer the insights to navigate Renaissance fair logistics, lingo, and growth strategies with confidence.

"Rhonni's creative business acumen is a blessing to anyone on the receiving end.

While most people see either an impossible, or at best, an improbable situation - Rhonni sees the innovative solutions that save business owners time and valuable resources...

These solutions lead to the most profitable outcomes, all while playing to the natural strengths of the business owner on the other side of the table."

~ Sunshine

“Though moderately successful, I'd spent years letting my business “work me”.
Rhonni’s coaching and business insight helped me ask better questions of myself and my goals.

By recognizing certain things about myself, about my business style, and with a better visualization of my true goals, I now “work my business” with less stress and much greater productivity.”

~ Melinda

By partnering with me, you’ll avoid costly missteps and fast-track your ability

to make sound decisions that

propel your event’s success.

It is time to expand your business!